Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Find Yourself Drowning in Gift Cards

I really only have to say one word.

Really that's the only word I have to say.  

Take a look and thank me later.  Actually.  Thank me now.  

But really,  let me tell you a little more about it if you're not already gone.  I found this site via a friend who paid for her littles entire Christmas with rewards from this place. I may have been skeptical at first,  but now that I've got some effortless rewards under my belt,  I figure it's time I share.  

You can do lots of things to get points on Swagbucks.  Basically,  one point is a penny,  unless you get the Amazon cards,  which,  who wouldn't? In which case, a point is a little more than a penny.  And really the points add up pretty fast,  even for people like me who are not trying.  Here's some examples.  

1. Install the shopping app.  Basically,  any time I buy something online,  I get points back, sometimes more than 10%.  All I did was install the little widget and whenever I go to Amazon, or any other affiliated website, which seems like every store, I get points for my purchase.  Really, we’re not big spenders. But its pretty awesome how things add up. Especially when you can get over 10% back on your big purchases like plane tickets or in our situation, cribs.

2. Searching.  I know we all love Google.  And I still often use Google.  But when I need a mental break at work and search for funny cat memes,  well,  I might as well be getting rewarded for it.  It's hard work laughing people.  I also should get rewarded when I'm stalking what Emma Watson is doing with her life.  Graduating from Yale and finding time to star in some awesome movies, if you didn't already know.  Thanks Emma to making me feel better about my need to distract myself with cat memes every now and then.  

3. Coupons.  Couponing usually goes over my head and seems like a huge waste of time,  but I make an exception for coupons that are easy to print off and help me get gift cards.  Basically you save the amount on the coupon and get ten points for every coupon you use. Double savings!
4. Watch trailers.  So not to sound like an epic time waster,  but again,  if I'm wasting time,  I like getting something  for it.  And since I started watching trailers I'm actually kinda excited for some of the movies coming out his summer. The fault in the stars people! Cannot wait! There's other stuff to watch to in lots of different categories as well,  home improvement, diy, house fixing uping. Pretty much anything you would waste time on tv with there's a mini version in swag TV.  This comes in handy while I'm waiting for an eternity at the doctors office. I mean, those people really know how to make someone wait for a checkup, and with a little one on the way, I find myself there a lot.

5. All the other stuff I don't look at.  Like surveys and special offers and games.  Basically,  if you breathe the have a way for you to earn rewards.  

So go sign up and start getting your rewards now! And yes, thank me now.


  1. What a good idea! I had heard of Swagbucks, but was skeptical about it. Might have to try it now! (And I, too, stalk Emma Watson. Woman crush for sure.)

  2. I've heard of swagbucks but never really looked into it, I may have to sign up now! :)