Saturday, March 22, 2014

Third Trimester is Here!

That's right, we are entering the phase of ready for the baby to be in our arms rather than in my belly, of not ever being comfortable and things on the ground just staying there, unless Zac wants to pick them up. I hear that the third trimester is rough. But it hasn't been to bad yet - I can still get my shoes on buckles and everything, and that is a win for a pregnant girl.

The last few months have been thrilling and exhausting all at once. I can't even begin to say how grateful I am that Zac is so wonderful at picking up what needs to be done when I am getting tired early and working long hours. And, that he is beginning to become quite the photographer. Bump pictures are courtesy of no one other than Zac himself.

HIghlights from the past few months:

In the beginning of the second trimester, Zac and I went to see one of our good friends perform in a percussion concert. It was loud and I know that our little girl could hear it. She would squirm around as if she was dancing in my belly. At the end, she started kicking perfectly in beat with the drums. It may have been for only a measure or two, but it was crazy. I'm not much of a musician, but Zac and rhythm and drums go together like oreos and ice cream. For some reason, I can't help thinking that this girl is either going to be just like her Dad or completely crazy about him. I'm already jealous of how sweet their little two some will be.

Speaking of oreos and ice cream, cravings! and not just me. Zac too. It is so funny when my super health conscious husband speaks the words "I'm craving ice cream right now" before I do. I thought sympathy cravings were made up, but Zac has got them bad. There's nothing like watching him compare which junk food has the most or least artery clogging saturated fat in it, then throwing the info away and going for the one with the most. MMMM Digornos for dinner again? Yes please!

And for the sweetest memory ever, cuddles. I'm a touch person. I feel so loved and special when we cuddle up together. I know tmi, but it's so sweet. I love when Zac puts his arm around my belly and the baby starts to kick his hand (mini high five). It's especially sweet when Zac whispers in my ear "It's just like all three of us are cuddling". Heart melted. forever.


  1. :) You're getting closer and closer to meeting your little girl!

  2. My husband has been having sympathy cravings as's so funny!

  3. Wow your pregnancy is going by fast :) Haha, probably not to you though! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Congrats! you are just the cutest little preggers gal around