Monday, November 11, 2013

Gratitude is Invading November.

mmmmm.mmmmm.mmmmm. It's the month of November, the month of recognizing how lucky we are and appreciating all that surrounds us. I feel like I have so much to be grateful for. I don't know where to begin and I'm afraid if I start writing I might never end. 

I guess a good place to start is with the kindness that allowed me to write this on the way home from work. Mainly the train operator who saw me sprinting to the train, knowing I was going to be just a little bit too late but hoping someone would take notice and do something kind. And they did. I think you can tell a lot about people by the way they treat a stranger. I think this stranger is really op notch. Thank you mystery person who did something kind for me and put your hand out of your window and waived at me as I hopped on the train. 

I'm am getting a little annoyed by all the daily gratitude facebook posts. I mean 'Day 1: I love my family' yeah, everyone loves their family. Is posting it on facebook making it any more real or those relationships any deeper? Maybe I shouldn't judge. But there are just sooo many of them. 

But then I run across a post that is so genuine and though provoking that I am just glad that everyone is doing this gratitude things so that I can have these little gems in my day.

"Day 10: I am grateful for my body.. Some of you may think that sounds stuck up.. But let me explain. I know now days its hard for women to love themselves and the body and face they were given. Its easy to go into self loathing and comparison mode. I do it. All of us women do it. But I am getting better and better at being grateful for what I do have, and loving myself. I know I'm pretty. I know I have worth. I may not be Megan Fox or anything.. But you don't have to look like her to be beautiful. All women are gorgeous and have an amazing worth. So yes. I am grateful for my body and what I was given. I will always try to take care of it and respect it." -Madison

I would like to add a heartfelt and very meaningful 'ditto' to this. It doesn't have the same ring, but I really mean it. I promise. 

I am grateful for my husband who is both perfect and imperfect. For how he doesn't get mad when I abandon him at a car wash for 30 minutes because I accidentally brought both sets of keys home for me. I am amazed by his diligence with school and his hopes for the future. I adore his little smiles that just barely turn up the corner or his lips. And I mostly love the ways he thinks so differently and opposite from me that he challenges my world and makes me see that there is more than one way to see pretty much everything. 

I am grateful for these events that haven't had the chance to debut on this blog in the past few months but deserve posts and posts of their own. 

A weekend with a friend who is worth getting up before the sun with. One of my longest and most dearest friendships. 

A concert with the friend who introduced me to the man I am most grateful for and the many friends who have supported that man for years and years and years. 

A zombie Halloween. Cause doing something a little bit different, a little bit scary, was the perfect way to create a memory I will never forget.

I could keep going and going and going. And I want to, but I suppose I have all month to fill this space with memories and moments that fill my heart and make my soul sing. 

Until next time my friends, until next time. 



  1. "Invading" is a good word for gratitude this time of year. :) It's good for us to remember everything, the conventional and the not-so-conventional things we're grateful for!

  2. I am grateful that my super intelligent son found himself a super wonderful, amazing woman to marry so I could have the privilege of them BOTH in my life!